PErsonal Trainer Warsaw

Personal Training

Personal trainings are intended for people who want to take care of their health. I can help you build your dream physique, improve body functioning, eliminate pain and strengthen the body for years.

Training with me is not only about performing specific tasks. During trainings, I pass on the knowledge in such a way that the mentee in the future could use the acquired practice and take the next steps on their own in a safe and effective way.

During the first consultation, I perform a series of diagnostic tests to evaluate and understand your body. Based on the interview and results from diagnostic tests, I get a full picture of your body condition, on the basis of which I will develop a training strategy that addresses your goal and your weak points, because you are as fit as your weakest link.

PErsonal Trainer Warsaw

Become the best version of yourself


Training with me is not only about performing tasks. After collaboration with me, you will be able to take your body wherever you want!

Improve your health and well-being

Increased self-confidence and self-esteem by improving the functioning of the body and eliminating pain.

Training periodization

Individually designed training strategy to your abilities to ensure linear development and minimize the risk of stagnation and overtraining.

Strong mental health

Physical training, sleep, and diet have a significant impact on mental condition. Lower your stress levels and develop a strong mentality.

Build your dream physique

I can help you to lose unnecessary body mass, build muscle mass and, as a result, develop your dream physique. An athletic physique means greater self-confidence!


Eliminate pain, improve your body condition and forget about physical limitations. Achieve the state of being strong and active!

Boost your libido

Research shows that exercise has an immediate effect on libido. Properly designed strength training will positively affect your endocrine system.

Strengthen your immunity

Physical activity improves the effectiveness of white blood cells in the fight against viruses and bacteria and promotes their multiplication.

Slow down the aging process

It is not age, but the totality of our actions that influence our biological age. Take care of physical activity and cheat your meter.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself!

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How can I help You?


It gives me immense joy and satisfaction to be a part of the process as my clients overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

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