Strength and Conditioning coach

Sports performance

Sports performance training is for athletes who want to develop their physical characteristics in order to improve their biomotor abilities for their sports discipline.

The idea behind sports performance training is to develop general fitness traits such as agility, speed and jumping. It combines strength, speed, plyometric and energy systems training. An important part of this training is also the prevention of injuries and the development of optimal movement patterns.

During the first consultation, I perform a series of diagnostic and motor tests to assess and understand your body. Based on the interview and test results, I get a full picture of your body condition, on the basis of which I will develop a training strategy addressing your goal and your weak points, because you are as fit as your weakest point.

Strength and Conditioning coach

Become the best version of yourself

Strength training

To achieve your maximum physical potential, you need strong muscles and an efficient nervous system. That is why strength training is the basis for the development of every athlete. It allows you to increase strength and develop power, which translates into the highest performance in your sport.

Conditioning training

Shaping energy systems is a key aspect in almost every sport. Depending on the characteristics of the player, the specificity of the discipline, and the degree of training, we must balance the development of energy systems such as phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxygen.

Injury prevention

Prevention of injuries and contusions is the most important element of training. By diagnosing and eliminating weak links in the kinetic chain, we will minimize the risk of injury and increase the efficiency of the movement.


Training with me is not only about performing tasks. After collaboration with me, you will be able to take your body wherever you want!

Training periodization

Individually designed training strategy to your abilities to ensure linear development and minimize the risk of stagnation and overtraining.


Awareness of optimal biomechanics of the locomotor system translates into increased efficiency and economy of the movement and a drastic reduction in the risk of injury. You will take your agility to the next level.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself!

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It gives me immense joy and satisfaction to be a part of the process as my clients overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

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